Build mobile app

Before you build, Make sure app name, url, product code entered and saved properly

  1. Go to Extensions -> Extensions -> Mstoreapp -> Edit -> Build app

  2. Enter purchase code (use MSTOREOC4 for free, demo version).

  3. Enter your site url and click get started

  4. Upload logo, The prefered source image for logo 500px. You can upload any size of the logo image and keep less than 500KB

  5. Upload icon, The source image for icons should be 1024×1024px and less than 500KB

  6. Upload splash. The source image for splash screens should be 2732×2732px and less than 1MB. For best results, the splash screen’s artwork should roughly fit within a square (1200×1200px) at the center of the image.

     It will automatically generate perfectly sized icons and splash screens for the app.
     To minimize app size, keep icon less than 500KB and splash less than 1MB
  7. Choose prefered colors. custom colors can be dynamically applied to app from admin panel

  8. Click Save Settings

  9. Once settigns are saved click Build Android

  10. This will take upto 3min to generate apk. Once done click Download Android

  11. Unzip downloaded file. Now you will see apk file. You can upload apk file into your playstore directly

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